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Gospel HipHop HighLife Mixtape

By GospelSong Download

Gospel HipHop HighLife Mixtape

This mixtape is a wonderful gospel songs sang by popular secular musicians, which most of us called worldly musicians.

But we sat down to listen to this song and the messages they carry and found out that they carry gospel messages, in orders words praising and adoring God.

Recognizing that God is the almighty, the only way and source of our living.
Most importantly the DJ (DJ UKdabest) who hosted the mixtape added one uprising gospel artist and make his track the no.1 of this mixtape as well as embellished the song all through the entire playlist.
Signifying that God comes first in everything we do.

He also ended the playlist with that same gospel track to continue showing that God is also the last in everything we do.

It simply means that this DJ understands God as the first and the last, the beginning and the end, Alfa and Omega.

Hence, God’s recognition and honour is accepted globally.
This playlist is a combination of hiphop and highlife tunes. That’s why is called “Gospel HipHop HighLife Mixtape”

Stream, Download, Share and be blessed


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