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Kenyan pastor locked up himself in lions den

Amazing Kenyan pastor

A Kenyan Member of Parliament has decided to reward a pastor who reportedly re-enacted a Bible scene by locking himself up in a lion’s den.

Ronald Karauri, who is an MP from Kenya’s Kasarani, on Wednesday (Sep 27) offered the pastor a trip to Masai Mara National Reserve to see lions in the wild.

The pastor has been identified as ‘Daniel’.

“I volunteer to take him to the Masai Mara please all expenses paid. We look for the lions and he can go walk with them,” Karauri was quoted as saying by a Kenyan media outlet.

Earlier, a video of the pastor casually playing with three lions in a den went crazy viral on social media. In the video, the pastor can be seen provoking the lions but shockingly, the beasts remain docile.

The pastor at one point in time even put his hands in the lion’s mouth.

According to reports, the pastor also invited the local church members to witness his endeavour before he locked himself.

It was yet to be disclosed whether the pastor accepted the MP’s offer or not.

According to reports, even if the pastor agreed to accept Karauri’s offer, they might not get a green light from officials at the national reserve to perform such a dangerous stunt.

According to conservation activists, people who try to inflict harm to wildlife are severely punished by the law.

The activists argue that lions are predators that can be unpredictable, even when they seem docile.


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