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Missing Male Genetals Symptoms (A Brief on “Koro or* *Koro-like symptoms)

Koro or Koro-like symptoms

This is a documented mental health condition characterized by persons who suddenly start complaining of acute manifestation of anxiety symptoms due to their erroneously overwhelming belief that their sexual organ (like penis) has disappeared or is retracting into their body or has shrunken.

This belief is usually associated with the fear of death and typically, it is hold with a strong conviction despite objective evidence to the contrary.

It is an acute anxiety state with episode usually lasting for several minutes or hours or up to two days. In very rare situation, there are chronic sufferers that may present with recurrent episodes of the conditions for several years.

An epidemic of this condition may exit in some communities/cultures… likely the case in Benue and Nasarawa States at moment.

Sufferers or victims may present with fear, palpitations, difficulty in breathing, muscle tension, sleep problems, false belief that their sexual organ has disappeared and may accused someone of being responsible.

There may be an associated history of hallucinations in some cases.
This condition is treatable with medications, psychological therapies, and social therapies.

Let me advise against taking laws into our hands by attacking innocent citizens who are erroneously accused by the victims of “Koro” of being responsible for the “disappearance of their PENIS”.

Please, I am just an innocent mental health professional trying to educate you; I am not in anyway associated with removing/fixing people’s genitals but can treat such victims if brought to a mental health facility

Professor Agbir Terkura Michael,
Benue State University Teaching Hospital

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