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AFCON: Super Eagles Receive Qualification Bonuses, Allowances

The Super Eagles are flying high with N30,000,000 bonus tucked under their wings for each player after cruising into the knockout stages of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Nigeria punched their ticket to the Round of 16 with a solid second-place finish in Group A, proving they are not just here to participate but to dominate.

In a generous departure from the usual $5,000 per-match bonus, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has decided to reward the Eagles with a hefty lump sum for each phase they conquer in this tournament.

For every day since they set up camp for AFCON, their pockets have been getting heavier with an allowance covering a full 20 days.

Now, with Angola in their sights for a quarter-final showdown on Friday, February 2, the Super Eagles have every reason to aim for the stars.

A win not only propels them into the semi-finals but also inches them closer to a mouthwatering $30,000 bonus if they soar into the AFCON final.

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