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Damar Hamlin Biography: Real Age, House, Awards, Cars And Net Worth

Damar Hamlin was born on March 24, 1998, in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. He is a safety in the National Football League. Hamlin played college football at Pittsburgh. In the 2021 NFL Draft, he was taken 212th by the Buffalo Bills. After playing a reserve role his rookie season, Hamlin became one of the Bills’ starting safeties in 2022 after Micah Hyde suffered a season-ending neck injury in week 2.

In 2020, Hamlin started a GoFundMe charity campaign to raise money for toys for children in need. The campaign quickly went viral, and Hamlin was able to raise over $8.5 million. The money was used to buy toys for over 100,000 children in need.

Hamlin’s charity work has been praised by many, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell said that Hamlin is “an inspiration to us all” and that his “generosity is truly heartwarming.”

Hamlin is a role model for many young people, and his charity work is just one example of his commitment to giving back. He is a true inspiration, and his story is one that should be shared with others.

Here are some additional details about Hamlin’s charity work:

  • Hamlin started the GoFundMe campaign in December 2020.
  • The goal of the campaign was to raise $2,500.
  •  The campaign quickly went viral, and Hamlin was able to raise over $8.5 million.
  •  The money was used to buy toys for over 100,000 children in need.
  •  Hamlin’s charity work has been praised by many, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
  •  Hamlin is a role model for many young people.
  •  His charity work is just one example of his commitment to giving back.
  •  He is a true inspiration.

 Damar Hamlin: History • Bio • Photo 


Real Name: Damar Hamlin

Born: 24th March 1998 (age 25 years old)

Place of Birth:

McKees Rocks, PA

Country: United States (US)

High school: Central Catholic

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)

Parents: Mario and Nina Hamlin

Siblings: Damir Hamlin

Wife • Spouse: None

Nationality: American

Children: None

Occupation: American Football Player

Net Worth: US $2 Million Dollars

Damar Hamlin Education

Damar Hamlin was born on March 24th, 1998, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Central Catholic High School, where he was a standout football player. He was named first-team All-State and the Class AAA Defensive Player of the Year. Hamlin graduated from Central Catholic High School in 2016.

After graduating from high school, Hamlin attended The University of Pittsburgh, where he played for the Pittsburgh Panthers football team. During his first year, he played three games before suffering an injury that led him to receive a medical redshirt exception. During his sophomore year, Hamlin played the safety position, where he was able to record 41 tackles and nine interceptions.

The following year, Hamlin recorded 77 tackles and two interceptions and was named honorable mention All-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) as a redshirt sophomore. During his junior year, he recorded 84 tackles. During his senior year, Hamilton was team captain of the Pittsburgh Panthers and led the team with 66 tackles. Hamlin was named to the All-ACC second team. He also earned ACC CO-Defensive Back of the Week Honors. Hamlin graduated in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills selected Hamlin in the sixth round with the 212th overall pick. During his rookie season, Hamlin saw little playing time where he played a reserve role. During the 2022 NFL season, Hamlin became a starting safety for the Buffalo Bills after fellow Bills player Micah Hyde suffered a season-ending injury.

On January 2, 2023, during a Monday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati (Ohio) Bengals, Hamlin collapsed after suffering cardiac arrest on the football field after making a tackle on Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Medical staff performed CPR and took Hamlin to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in critical condition. Following the incident, NFL players and teams offer their support on social media by twitting “Pray For Damar.” In hours following his collapse, many fans, NFL players, coaches, and executives sent donations to his 2020 GoFundMe campaign for the Chasing M’s Foundation toy drive. Hamlin’s GoFundMe campaign grew from its original goal of $2,500 to $8.7 Million.

Hamlin underwent surgery to implant a defibrillator and was released from the hospital on January 10, 2023. He is expected to make a full recovery and return to playing football.

Hamlin is a talented football player who has overcome adversity to achieve success. He is an inspiration to many and his story is one of hope and determination.

Damar Hamlin Personal Life

Damar Hamlin had numerous temptations and challenges growing up in the tough town of McKees Rocks, located just northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River. In this borough, plagued by high crime rates due to guns, drugs, and gangs, Hamlin witnessed the tragic deaths of three close friends, all unsolved by the police. Additionally, his father, Mario, resorted to selling drugs in an attempt to support his family, resulting in a conviction and a 3½-year prison sentence. This left Hamlin’s mother, Nina, and himself to navigate life on their own.

Despite the overwhelming adversity he faced, Hamlin managed to overcome the potential pitfalls, thanks to the strong moral values instilled in him by his parents. He attributes his ability to make the right choices to their unwavering dedication and guidance throughout his life.

“I owe all the credit to my parents; they made the biggest difference in my life and the lives of those around me,” Hamlin shared after a recent practice at One Bills Drive. “Having two devoted parents who were always there for me, from my earliest years to now, made all the difference. There were moments where I could have gone astray, but my parents were always there to set me straight and keep me on the right path. I have to give them credit; it had nothing to do with me. All I had to do was listen, and that’s the kind of person I was.”

Damar Hamlin Achievement


SACKS: 1.5



Following his collapse on the field, medical personnel managed to revive his heartbeat before transferring Hamlin to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for further care. Witnessing the harrowing scene, many NFL players dropped to their knees, offering prayers and support to one another, some even openly shedding tears.

Reflecting on the intense moment, Glenn shared, “I’m not a crier, but I’ve never cried so hard in my life. Just to know, like, my nephew basically died on the field and they brought him back to life.” Hamlin, who comes from a close-knit family, received an outpouring of support and prayers from his relatives. The family expressed gratitude to the medical professionals who performed life-saving CPR on the field and to the fans for their unwavering support.

This traumatic incident has catapulted Hamlin into the national spotlight. Regarded as an exceptional athlete with a strong commitment to family and community, here are four key aspects to know about him:

1. High School Football Standout:

Hailing from McKees Rocks, Pa., a suburb of Pittsburgh, Hamlin emerged as a standout cornerback at Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, leading the team to a remarkable 15-1 record with 89 tackles, two interceptions, and three fumble recoveries. These achievements earned him recognition as Pennsylvania’s top-rated defensive player in 2015.

2. Family as a Core Value:

Despite being courted by multiple prestigious colleges, Hamlin chose to play college football close to home at the University of Pittsburgh, driven by his desire to serve as a role model for his younger brother. His decision was deeply influenced by his aim to provide a positive example for his sibling, emphasizing the value of family in shaping his life.

3. Academic and Athletic Success:

At the University of Pittsburgh, Hamlin obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication and pursued a second major in sociology. Although his college football career had a slow start due to injuries, he eventually excelled, serving as a Pitt captain and later being selected in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills.

4. Community Engagement:

Hamlin has remained committed to giving back to the community that supported him throughout his journey. His dedication to supporting and uplifting his community reflects his strong values and sense of responsibility.

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Following his injury, the spotlight turned to The Chasing M Foundation, an organization established by Hamlin just before he entered the NFL. By January 4th, the $2,500 fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, intended for procuring toys, backing back-to-school initiatives, and organizing children’s camps in his hometown of McKees Rock, soared to over $6 million.

Prior to founding the foundation, Hamlin had launched his own apparel line, Chasing Millions, during his freshman year in college. The line aimed to provide clothing and jerseys for kids, bearing the message, “for those who have a dream and pursue it… It is for those who want something more and can’t settle to be average,” as stated in his Buffalo team bio.

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Damar Hamlin Net Worth

Damar Hamlin The American football cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Pittsburgh, where he was a two-time All-Big East selection. Hamlin was drafted by the Eagles in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

According to Spotrac, Damar Hamlin’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. His primary source of income is his NFL career. He has also earned money through endorsements and sponsorships

Damar Hamlin parents 

Damar Hamlin, born on March 24, 1998, into a family with a strong bond, is the son of Mario and Nina Hamlin, who had been high school sweethearts. Damar’s arrival marked the beginning of their young family, though they faced significant challenges early on.

Financial struggles loomed large, and Mario Hamlin found himself seeking income through means that led to legal trouble. This ultimately resulted in Mario serving a three and a half-year prison sentence during Damar’s upbringing.

In the absence of Mario, Nina took on the responsibility of caring for young Damar as a teenage mother. Despite the difficulties, Nina secured employment and maintained the household while raising her son during Mario’s absence.

Upon Mario’s release, he and Nina established a daycare business and an office cleaning venture. These efforts provided the foundation for Damar’s upbringing, ensuring that he lacked for nothing as he grew up.

Against this backdrop, Damar Hamlin excelled in high school and college, culminating in his selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. His journey reflects the resilience and dedication of his parents in nurturing a promising young safety.

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