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Pastor Joins Muslims To Celebrate Maulud Nabi

Clergies have joined their Muslim counterparts to celebrate Eid-el Maulud, the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, at the Kaduna Stadium.

This gesture aimed at fostering peaceful coexistence, Inter-religious tolerance, and a deeper understanding between Muslims and Christians in the country.

Pastor Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, led the group of Church leaders in this significant event.

He stated that the Maulud celebration provided an invaluable opportunity for Christians and Muslims to come together, interact, engage in dialogue, and exchange ideas, all with the shared goal of promoting peace and unity in the state and Nigeria.

Buru who was accompanied by; Pastor George John, Rev Maxwell Sanda, Pastor Gabriel Stephen, Pastor Rowland Sanda and Pastor Armstrong emphasized the importance of celebrating together to promote peace and harmony in the country

For over a decade, Muslims had been inviting Pastor Buru and other clergies in northern Nigeria to celebrate the birth of the Holy Prophet together.

Pastor Joins Muslims To Celebrate Maulud Nabi
Pastor Joins Muslims To Celebrate Maulud Nabi

This interfaith cooperation has significantly contributed to peace and unity in the region.

Pastor Buru said that during Christmas, thousands of Muslims from across northern Nigeria visit his church and home to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

According to him; “We must remember that we were all created by one God, and we are the children of Adam and Eve. We both have our holy scriptures, the Bible and the Qur’an, from one God, guiding us on how to live in peace and harmony with each other.”

While delivering a speech at the gathering on promoting peace and unity, he called on people of different tribes and religions to embrace one another and exhibit love and forgiveness, to move the country forward.

Buru expressed concern on the escalating insecurity that are related to banditry, kidnappings, and ethno-religious crises.

He urged “both Muslims and Christians to engage in continuous prayers for the nation,” emphasising the need for divine intervention towards an end to Nigeria’s challenges.

An Islamic scholar, Imam Muhammad Salisu lauded the annual tradition as tens of thousands of Muslims celebrating Maulud at the Kaduna Stadium, adding that, celebrating Maulud with Christian leaders had become a cherished tradition that promoted peace and unity in the country.

Salisu however extended his gratitude to Pastor Yohanna Buru and other Christian leaders who consistently joined the Muslim community in celebrating Maulud.

He appealed to the Nigerian government to recognize Pastor Buru’s efforts with a national award for his role in promoting peace-building, interreligious tolerance, and mutual understanding among adherents of different faith-based organisations in the country.

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