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Perception of Suicide in Igbo history

Igbo history

Black history
Black history

Igbo religion perceived suicide as ‘nsọ ani’ which is offensive to humanity, gods and God. The suicide prevent measure in Igbo traditional suicidology is to ensure that life is seen as sacred and precious.

Suicide is an abomination in Igbo land, aluu! No traditional funeral rites is given to the one who committed suicide, his or her carcass belongs to the inhabitants of the evil forest (Ajọ Ofịa). Evil forest is the domain of local high divinities.

In the olden days those that committed suide in Igbo land were never buried but thrown into the evil forest

From origin, Igbo man hardly commits suicide. He perseveres and believe that tomorrow will be better. Na Echi ga-aka mma.

Therefore, everyone in Igbo land is advised not to kill himself or fellow human to preserve this divine gift, maka na ndụ bụ onyinye Chukwu: (For life is gift from God)

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