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Police Arrest Nigerian Lawyer Seen Brutalising Wife On A Viral Video

The Nigeria Police Force has arrested Barrister Ekere Ebong who was seen beating, humiliating and abusing his wife in a disturbing Viral video has been arrested by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

Kpomkwem News got the information on Monday that the lawyer has been arrested by the Police force  Akwa Ibom Command and awaiting to be be charged to court shortly.

“Barr Ekere Ebong who was seen abusing his spouse in a viral video has been arrested by the Akwa Ibom Police Command. To be charged shortly,” a police source told Kpomkwem News early hour of Monday.

It was also reported on Sunday that the Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs Uju Kennedy Ohanenye, had condemned Mr Ebong over the disturbing viral video in which he was physically assaulting his wife.

The lawyer who is reportedly based in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital is seen in the video beating his wife whose mouth and nose have been bloodied.

However, the intervention of the neighbours who came to her rescue save her from eminent casualties which could have even even resulted to death if care was not taken.

Eye Witness

According to eye witness, one of the neighbours said that the woman has been a victim of brutality in the hand of her husband,Bar. Ebong for the past four years. And it was a regular event every night.

“No be today, I have lived in this compound for four years, every night he would be beating this woman,” the neighbour said.

Reacting to the disturbing video, Ohanenye condemned the action of the man on her official X (Twitter handle) handle, saying, “This remains one of the most insane and unbelievable scenes one has seen in the brutalization of women. As I have always emphasised, this is a ‘Renewed Hope’ government and such an act can not be allowed in our country.

“On that note, the federal Ministry of Women Affairs @FMWA_ng has ordered the arrest of this demonized lawyer Mr Ebong, who must face the law squally and I promise this act can not be swept under the carpet. Even if the woman decides she doesn’t want her husband to be sued, due to family pressure. the man must face the law as justice will have its way.”

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