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358 days on Red Planet’: NASA volunteers set to return from Mars

Successful Exploration of Mars planet

After more than a year in isolation,  four volunteers are set to conclude NASA’s mission on Saturday July 6.

The crew will exit their 1,700 square – foot, 3D printed habitat at NASA’s Jonhson space center in Houston with live coverage provided by NASA.

Jonhson space center in Houston
Jonhson space center in Houston

The crew health and performance exploration analog (CHAPEA) began on June 25, 2023, housing crew members are Kelly Haston, Anca Salariu, Rose Brockwell and Nathan Jones for 378 days.

The volunteers live and work under conditions designed to replicate the challenges of a future Mars mission, including simulated “Marswork” and vegetable cultivation to supplement shelf-stable food supplies.

The team faced additional stressors such as communication delays with earth, limited resources and prolonged isolation, to emulate Mars experience more accurately.

This mission represents a significant step in NASA’s preparation for human exploration of Mars, providing crucial data on crew’s health, performance and dynamics in a confirmed Mars- like environment .

The success of this first CHAPEA mission, paves way for future simulations. With NASA planning two more year- long Mars analog missions in the coming years.

Mars (the red planet)
Planet Mars (the red planet)

These studies will play a vital role in developing strategies and technologies to support astronauts during the actual Mars mission, enhancing NASA’s understanding of the human factors involved in extended space exploration.

As the crew prepares to re-enter the world , the experiences and data collected during the mission will significantly contribute to NASA’s plan for sending humans to Mars, shaping the future of space exploration.

CREDIT: NASA, Business Today 

Business Today NASA
Business Today

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