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BREAKING: EFCC Vs Cubana Chief Priest Case To Be Settled Out Of Court

Cubana Chief Priest and EFCC agree to settle out of court

The case between the he Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Cubana Chief Priest, has been resolved to be settled out of court according to the agreement reached by the two parties.

The celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest was bailed by the court with a sum of 10 million Naira after he was arrested by the EFCC for abuse of the naira notes. .

This case was immediately after Bobrisky, Idris Okuneye the controversial crossdresser was charged and jailed for six months for same naira abuse.

The issue of arresting and prosecuting naira abusers by the EFCC has generated a lots of controversy amongst the citizenries, who claimed that the commission is chasing shadows instead of addressing the root causes.

Many says that EFCC should have channel that efforts into arresting and prosecuting naira looters on top political seats instead of the abusers who also sprays the monies on Nigerians thereby circulating the money round the country other than hoarding and spending it outside the nation where the citizenries does not benefit from it.

Some sees it as an act of intimidating the poor and less powerful citizens and thereby distracting the masses attention from the real thiefs which are corrupt politicians in and out of power.

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