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Can you marry someone in blood covenant with previous partner?

Different Reactions On Blood Convenant

VICTOR AYENI asks several single guys and ladies if they will marry anyone who has made a blood covenant with someone else.

I will never do it – James Uche

I will never marry such a person. I will never do it, except there is evidence that it has been annulled. Other than that, I can’t go ahead with it. When it comes to these blood oaths made by intending lovers, they have spiritual implications and their consequences are no child’s play. Do you know one could even lose one’s partner to the cold hands of death because of such a thing? I have already faced many challenges in this life and I don’t wish to add to them.

I’ll encourage her to break it – Emmanuel Bassey

Due to our African tradition and general belief, it’s very difficult to even fall in love much less think about getting married to a strange blood oath-binding partner. In Africa, we believe so much in spiritual speculations and quotes in such a way that it becomes a law to our mental and psychological existence. But if you ask me, I’ll tell you that if I love my partner so deeply and she loves me too, I’ll encourage her to break the vow in any way possible. And once it is broken, we will marry and detach our minds from the thought of the oath. I believe that love conquers everything, including blood. I will even be more worried if biologically we are matched enough to marry than a blood oath.

Blood oaths are serious – Charles Thomas

No, I cannot marry such a lady because a blood oath is a serious thing. When it comes to blood pacts or oaths, I don’t joke with them and I do not believe God plays with them either. There are some questions that should be considered when one encounters this kind of stuff. One is why did they have to do the oath? The second one is I would want to know who the other partner is. Blood oaths can lead people into a lot of situations and circumstances that will work against their unions. So, I can’t.

I will rather avoid it – Laide Arowoogun

I cannot marry such a woman. I honestly do not believe in such blood oaths but I don’t want to live with that burden for the rest of our lives or compete with that level of commitment that made them do so in the first place. It takes a certain level of loyalty for someone to enter into such an oath with someone. I feel the thought is going to hang on forever and I will rather avoid it if I can.

I will end the relationship – Charles Ginikachukwu

Well, I don’t think I will pursue a relationship with someone who is bound by a blood oath to his erstwhile partner for this reason: when it comes to romantic relationships, I respect agreements made between parties. If two adults consent to seal their relationship with an oath, I believe they should follow through with it. Trying to put them asunder by presenting myself as a better alternative feels like taking what belongs to another. As is the case in most blood-sealed relationships, one or both partners are obsessed with cheating and acting on those impulses; such a man might choose to persistently assault the estranged partner physically or even through diabolic means.

It’s a red flag for me – Vivienne Nomor

Blood oath or blood covenant is the use of blood in keeping a promise or bond, especially between lovers. From my understanding, a blood oath is a very serious issue to begin with because blood is involved, which means if any of the lovers breaks the oath by going ahead to marry someone else, the lover may run mad, not have peace, not bear children or even die. We have even watched all these in Nollywood movies and seen these things happen physically; so getting married to that kind of person is a capital no for me and it’s also a red flag.

I won’t interfere in their oath – Chidera Elum

I think those who have pledged to marry each other, even if it does not involve blood oaths, should be allowed to get married. If I meet such a man, I won’t interfere because there must have been something that started and proceeded to the point where two lovers would bind each other with something as strong as a blood oath, so in the name of fairness, he should marry his covenant partner. After all, there are other partners who have never been joined to another person with an oath, so one can always find another suitor.

Only if he renounces it – Gladys Ugochi

I will only marry such a man if he verbally and prayerfully renounces it, especially if he did the oath in the past before he had a relationship with God. I believe so much in the divine factor in addressing the errors and undoing we humans embark on; so, from that standpoint, I will marry him. It is all about what you choose to believe about blood oaths. If you believe it is a permanent action, you should act accordingly. But personally, there is no covenant that is too powerful that cannot be broken.

It’s superstitious – Amarachi Goodness

Whatever would make a man and woman agree to cut themselves and lick their blood with the belief that one person’s life is in the hands of the other is rooted in superstition. Some people say it is spiritual, maybe it is, but it is more likely superstitious and thrives in fear. I cannot marry such a man because it clearly indicates that something is wrong with his mind to start with. If he can agree to make a blood oath, then he can also do anything superstitious and dangerous to me. His mind is most likely imbalanced.

It has negative consequences – Juliet Ukamaka

Entering into a blood oath with someone indicates a level of emotional insecurity in that relationship. Marriage itself is a covenant, but to bind another person to loyalty in the name of a blood oath shows there is much mistrust in such a relationship to start with and no oath will solve that problem. Blood oaths have negative consequences and I don’t want to be part of that kind of thing.

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