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How will you handle a nagging spouse?

Opinions from marriage couples

I’ll ignore – Henry Okeke

I will ignore her and not react whenever she’s nagging because my reaction may not be positive. No one likes being snubbed, so I’ll employ tactics to make her stop. Ignoring the person is only a way of expressing my displeasure. When they are calm, I would speak to them about it calmly. It can be very difficult to make sense at the point when they are nagging, so leaving the matter to cool down for a while would help to address the issue this person nags about.

Expect break up – Rachael Akibo

I cannot have a nagging partner because eventually, we may have to go our separate ways. It’s not exactly good to have a partner that keeps picking on my errors and nuances. It is not fair to me, so I’ll leave them. When a guy nags, you will think your head wants to leave your body. It can be very painful. Talking about one thing over and over can be very painful. If you mention it, let it go. I will work on it. But, when you keep talking about it at every given time, it will make me defensive. It may feel like you are being vindictive to me.

I’ll discuss issues calmly – Adedamilare Shittu

I’ll keep quiet while they’re nagging. When they’re through with it, I’ll ask them to calm down and also let them know that everything is not about nagging. We should try as much as possible to control ourselves while being angry and also consider the love we share. Both parties cannot be angry and nag at the same time, so I will not shout at them. I will discuss things with them calmly and try to settle whatever differences we have.

Nagging unhealthy – Godbless Green

Both the person that nags and the one who receives the ‘nagging bullets’ are affected by the negative energy that nagging brings. Why not talk about the problem in a civilised and comfortable tone? We are supposed to be adults. Talking calmly is an attribute of adults. A relationship cannot work in such an environment. It will choke me to my knees. As a young woman, I consciously run away from people who nag and I pray I don’t end up with a nagging partner because it can be the beginning of the end of that union.

Better communication model needed  — Collins Uddin

For me, it depends on one’s definition of nagging. I’m someone that’s very expressive and to me, communication is paramount. If my spouse does something I’m not okay with, I’ll speak up. Now, if my spouse complains or nags about something, I’ll keep open communication with them to express their feelings and try to work things out. I, for one, will not keep quiet when I am suffering inside. So, I would talk about what I am feeling and I would expect honest feedback on how we can settle the issues. It is unfair to just avoid talking about issues and letting them fester for too long, thereby causing a break in the union.

Women don’t need nagging men – Favour George

As a woman, I don’t need a nagging man. Why would a man be nagging? This is something that has been related to women. Even as a woman, I don’t nag. I talk to my partner in a calm tone. In fact, when someone tells me something more than once at a time, it makes me angry. It feels like they intentionally want to ruin my day. I know I may not have the best character, but I will never nag. If I talk once and my partner refuses to listen, I would quietly move back. From there, I would keep going back till I leave the union.

Reaction depends on context – Tomilade Okuwobi

This totally depends on the context. What are they usually nagging about? Is it everything in general, or do they nag whenever they are uncomfortable to express their discomfort? If it is specific to a particular context, then, one knows how exactly to handle it. If a spouse nags whenever one finishes intercourse, then one can say one did not satisfy that spouse. The solution for that would be to up one’s game. But, if it is nagging all the time for no just cause, that means there is something fundamentally wrong with the relationship. This is because it is abnormal for someone to constantly remind you of something that is not going on well. Everyone needs a supportive partner. To handle this problem is either to pay no attention to the person when the nagging is starting to look like there is no better way to handle the situation or one always tries to satisfy the person. And, this can be very draining.

It’s not in my nature – Marilyn Essang

Nagging is not in my nature. It is fundamentally difficult to handle people who nag because it will affect the mental health of the recipient. I have not had a nagging partner in all my dating experiences but I know that it would be something that I would struggle to handle. Since I don’t nag and would not understand why people do, it would be something that I think a therapist would need to be invited to. There must be an underlying mental problem that the partner needs to discuss with a professional to save him from impending doom. If this person in question happens to be my partner, we can work through it together if and only if they are committed to a change.

Naggers need help – Ubong Essien

Nagging is a reflection of one’s psychological well-being. If there is a problem, the best way to handle it is by effectively communicating with one’s spouse. By telling one’s spouse what one does not specifically like about a situation, attitude, or reaction, one can get honest feedback. But nagging, shouting, and harping on one thing over and over can make the other party uncomfortable. Nagging can also be a symptom of an underlying mental illness that needs to be checked. I cannot cope with a nagging spouse. I’ll love to be in a place where I am valued, respected, and spoken to with kindness.

Nagging diminishes trust – Arinola Ajayi

When people begin to nag, they tend to look for other people to tell about their partner’s flaws. There is nothing wrong to express one’s fears or concerns about a relationship, but saying it over and over is disturbing. If a partner leaves a towel on the floor after bathing and you have told him to always pick up his towel, simply pick it up. ‘Do’ rather than ‘nag’. It shows maturity. Try to teach your heart not to see the flaws of this person. Else, this may be the beginning of having trust issues as to whether they are really committed to you or not

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