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Joshua Ready For Another Fight In September

Anthony Joshua next fight

Just after a classic win over Francis Ngannou few months ago, the Nigerian British fighter, Anthony Joshua is set again for another powerful outing, Kpomkwem News reports.

Last year has seen Joshua on a top notch fighting with a win over Robert Helenius, Otto Wallin, and recently Francis Ngannou.

This is after a back to back defeats he suffered in the hands of Oleksandr Usyk which costs him his belts

In a recent interview conducted in Jonathon Ross show, as reported by Forbes, Anthony Joshua said; “Around September is when I’ve been told; I was hoping for June. I’ve got some time to go on dates now and mingle a little bit. I’m training at the moment; I’ve got two months before I get into training camp.”

The last winning fight with Francis Ngannou

When asked about his last fight with Ngannou, which he won by a second-round knockout, Joshua replied; “I was preparing for 10 rounds of a tough fight. The guy is a big, strong guy with a different feel because he’s an MMA fighter. He’s a tough guy. I thought I would still be victorious, and it happened a lot sooner than I expected.

“You don’t get along with some fighters, so sometimes there’s no conversation after. There’s a level of respect as well—me and Ngannou had a lot of respect. I gave him encouragement because the guy’s had an amazing career. Don’t let that one blip in his career become the defining moment. I’ve lost before; it’s tough”.

Potential fight with Tyson Fury

when asked about the possibility of a potential fight with Tyson Fury, the former unified heavyweight champion who has turned 34 years now said; “Fury is one of my rivals; this is someone I want to compete with one day. So everything he says, I’ve got it all stored in the back of my memory, and when the fight happens, I’m going to use it as a lot of fuel.”

However, Anthony Joshua is in no doubt has an eye on the undisputed contest between Usyk and Fury on May 18, which he could have the opportunity to facing the winner in the nearest future as he is currently the number one contender for the World Boxing Championship (WBC) title.

Anthony Joshua Currently Training With Former Tyson Fury Coach

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