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Ndume tells Akpabio, “I can advise you because I’m older than you.”

The alleged conflict between Senate President Godswill Akpabio and Senate Chief Whip Senator Ali Ndume has been minimized. 

Given his age, Ndume claimed he could provide Akpabio with advice on matters pertaining to the Senate.

On Friday, he made an appearance on the Morning Show on Arise TV.

Since I’m older than Akpabio, I can give him advice on Senate matters. Because I was leading Akpabio’s DG campaign, I was also his main advocate and spokesperson for his run for Senate President.

“We can’t fight, but we can disagree to agree. Akpabio and I work together and share similar interests.

On the Senate floor in October, there was a yelling confrontation between Akpabio and Ndume.

Ndume left the Senate during a session due to the conflict.

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