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Poland Man Sets New Guinness World Record For longest stay in ice

Lukasz Szpunar

A man from Poland identified as Lukasz Szpunar has set a new Guinness World Record for staying four hours after being submerged in ice.

Comparing to the former holders, Lukasz Szpunar increase his stay by 50 minutes of being covered by ice in a standing position in a box filled with ice for 242 minutes (four hours and two minutes)

Rules for the record

The record requires that the contestant’s body is fully covered by ice except the head and neck without clothes apart from swimming trunks.

Lukasz Szpunar wore a mouth guard to protect his chattering teeth from damaging themselves.

After the successful event for this record, Lukasz explained that he experienced discomfort at the early stage, however, it slowly went down before coming back towards the end.

During this attempt, his body temperature and state of consciousness were constantly monitored by the safety personnels.

After crossing the four hours benchmark, he was taken out of the ice box.

Lukasz said that he decided to venture into this event to express his love for “walruses”, a term used to describe cold-exposure enthusiasts.

“Because of my love for the cold, I wanted to test myself this time in sitting in the ice itself,” he said.

Other exploits by Lukasz

For Lukasz, extreme challenges make him “feel alive” as he has also scaled four of Poland’s highest mountain peaks while wearing only shorts.

Besides taking on extreme challenges, Lukasz is also a co-organiser of the ‘Lake of Angels’ campaign, in which he takes a dip in Lake Tarnobrzeg once per month at sunrise.

The receipts of the event are donated to the House of Angels Hospice for children with cancer to encourage charity acts.

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