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Regina Daniels: “I Would Rather Give My Husband a Kidney than My Father”

According to Nigerian actress Regina Daniels, if she had to pick between her husband and her father for whom to donate a kidney in a hypothetical scenario, she would chose to save her husband. 

On the set of her latest film, Switching Places, Daniels was given a hypothetical issue. Without thinking twice, she answered that, for the sake of her kids, she would prefer to save her husband over her father.

The actress emphasized that she would rather experience the pain of losing her own father than that of her kids.

“They say a mother’s love is stronger than anything, so if I have kids with my spouse, I believe it is only fair to give them a future with their father because I genuinely care about them.” I won’t starve my kids, but I will deprive myself of the happiness and benefits that come with being a father.

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