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Anita Okoye responds as her former spouse, Rude Boy, honors her birthday.

Anita Okoye, the ex-wife of well-known singer Paul Okoye—also referred to as Rude Boy in PSquare—has responded on social media to her ex’s birthday tweet.

Today, November 8, 2023, Anita Okoye became 35 years old, surrounded by love and celebration from her loved ones and supporters.

With stunning pictures, the mother of three celebrated her new age, acknowledging her journey and its accomplishments. She also gave herself a pat on the back for being both young enough to get away with it and wise enough to know better.

Chapter 35: Accepting the path, commemorating the turns, and never giving up on your goals. 🎂🎉 Cheers to being both young enough to get away with it and mature enough to know better!

Her family then celebrated her on social media with heartfelt remarks. Lola Omotayo Okoye was honored with beautiful pictures and a note from her husband, Peter Okoye.

On his Instagram account, Peter Okoye posted, “Special birthday, Anita Okoye.”

On his Instagram story, Anita’s ex-husband Paul Okoye did the same, posting a photo of the happy birthday with the caption, “happy blessed birthday Anita Okoye #mamaejima.”

Anita Okoye ignored her ex in response to her former brother-in-law’s requests. The mother of three chose to disregard Rude Boy’s post and share Peter Okoye’s on her narrative.

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