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Umuahia Gets First Private University

Lux Mundi University

Lux Mundi University is getting ready to start classes in the 2024–2025 academic year, marking Umuahia’s first university opening after 32 years as the capital of Abia State.

While there are other private universities in various parts of the state, none of the private investors chose to locate their institutions in Umuahia. Instead, the state-owned university, ABSU, has a campus in the capital city of Abia State.

However, Professor Gabriel Okenwa, the creator of Lux Mundi, asserted that he brought a private institution to Umuahia because he owed it to his own land as a duty.

“This land raised me to what I am today,” Okenwa remarked. I must locate this university in homage to this land.

After 32 years as the capital of Abia State, Lux Mundi University is preparing to open for students in the 2024–2025 academic year. This will be Umuahia’s first university.

None of the private investors choose to build their universities in Umuahia, despite the fact that there are other private universities spread throughout the state. Rather, the capital city of Abia State is home to the campus of ABSU, the state-owned university.

Lux Mundi’s founder, Professor Gabriel Okenwa, contended that he established a private university to Umuahia out of obligation to his own land.

Okenwa said, “This land raised me to what I am today.” I have to put this university here as a tribute to this region.

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