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Abuja School to refund $845,000 school fees payment made by Yahaya Bello.

The EFCC has requested the American International School of Abuja to refund the $845,000 school fees payment made by Yahaya Bello.

More revelations has been made against the embattled ex-governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, who on a notice of leaving his office as a governor decided to illegally pull out money from the state treasury which amounted to the sum of $720,000 to pay his child’s school fees up to his graduation in advance. This happened just before he left office on the 27 January, 2024. And this illegality was done with the aid of a Bureau de Change operator.

Ola Olukoyede, an EFCC executive revealed this to the press lon Tuesday at their headquarters in Jabi, Abuja FCT.

Below is the school’s response towards EFCC request::

The EFCC chairman has sworn that he will follow the prosecution of the ex-governor to a logical conclusion, saying that he will resign as EFCC chairman if Bello is not prosecuted.

He also vowed that all those who obstructed the arrest of the former governor would be brought to book.

The charges against Yahaya Bello are as follows:

  • Money laundering,
  • Breach of trust, and
  • Misappropriation of funds to the tune of N80.2 billion.

In total is about 19 count charges.

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