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HIP HOP LOVER!! Blaqbones Musical Career % Growth

HIP HOP LOVER!! Blaqbones Musical Career % Growth 

Blaqbonez’s journey reflects the evolving landscape of the Nigerian music scene and the emergence of diverse voices within it. Emeka was born on 29 January 1996, to an Igbo family, and grew up exposed to the Yoruba and Urhobo culture in Nigeria.

Blaqbonez hails from Imo state, a state in south-eastern Nigeria dominated by the Igbo tribe. He grew up with his mother, a pastor, in a Yoruba and Urhobo mixed environment. He had his tertiary education at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where he studied Computer Engineering.

In 2019, he was profiled by The New York Times as one of the new guards of Nigerian music. He is widely known for his controversial self-proclaimed status as the “Best Rapper in Africa” (abbreviated as “BRIA”), which became the most talked about topic in the Nigerian hip hop space between July and September 2019.

Over the years, Blaqbonez has gain more fame and recognition around the globe.

Here’s an overview of Blaqbonez’s growth in the Nigerian music industry:

Blaqbonez began his musical journey as an underground rapper, participating in rap battles and showcases. His early efforts earned him recognition and respect within Nigeria’s rap community.

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