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Man Remanded By EFCC For Allegedly Buying Votes In 2023 Election

Wahab Hameed was detained by the EFCC on Wednesday in court for allegedly participating in a plot and purchasing votes for the 2023 election.

After Hameed acknowledged his guilt to the allegations of conspiracy and bribery, Justice Ismail Ijelu ordered his remand.

The trial was moved to December 7 in order to allow for more analysis. Hameed requested that the accusations be read aloud in Yoruba during the court, claiming he was unable to understand English.

Samuel Daji, the prosecutor for the EFCC, stated that on February 25, Hameed and a person by the name of Segun Ijitola intended to bribe votes during the election. This was allegedly said to have happened at Surulere’s Unit 28 of the Gbaja Girls Junior High School.

The defense attorney, Mr. Olabiyi Ademola, consented to the case being postponed until December 7.

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