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Skales laments, “I’m Underrated In The Music Industry.”

Popular artist Skales, also known as Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, claims he is undervalued in the music business.

He views himself as the music industry’s “greatest artist.” He said that he wasn’t given enough credit by his followers.

Skales made an appearance on the Hip TV program Trending, which was hosted by Kim Oprah, the reality TV star. The “Shake Body” singer also disclosed that during his early career, he battled low self-esteem.

“I only recently found myself again in 2020. My self-esteem has been rather low lately. I have all the hit songs in the world, yet I’m still insecure about myself. However, I feel more assured now.

“I think I was part of the group that first introduced afrobeats to the globe. Being a part of it was an honor and a great opportunity. I always tell myself that I’m the best artist alive. I mean no offense.

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