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The ordeals of Fulani’s herdsmen on Akpaa Mbato Community – A Cry For Help.

Fulani's herdsmen invasion on Akpaa Mbato autonomous community.

The ordeals on the people of Akpaa Mbato Autonomous Community, in Obingwa Local Government Area in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria by Fulani’s herdsmen as reported by Kpomkwem News.

Akpaa Mbato autonomous community residence have cried out of their ordeals with the Fulani herdsmen which have invaded their land with their cows without permission and the knowledge of the community leadership.
These Fulani herdsmen are already forming a colony of community with their weapons ranging from guns, matchets, and charms.

They lead their cattle into villagers farm lands for grazing and when the farm owners rebuke them to leave their farms alone, they threaten to shoot them and nothing will happen because they own Nigeria as they claimed and have the authority to graze anywhere they like be it a farm or not it’s none of their business as far as there are green grasses and vegetations there.

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The leadership of the community made up of the Eze in council (King’s council), the chiefs, village heads and the youths have arranged multiple dialogue meetings with the herdsmen leaders, urging them to leave their land. These meetings also include the military leaders camping in their community.

Letters have been written to the police division in charge of the area (Umuobiakwa Police Station), and the commissioner for police as well. Stating grievances on the cattle activities on their farm lands.

Crops destroyed by cattle
Farm land destroyed by cattle by Fulani’s herdsmen

The Akpaa Mbato Youth Council”s  president and the members have been on top of their games to address this issue and to bring calm to their community.

It was reported that some few years ago when the former late king, HRM. Eze sir John O. Ukomadu was alive , the Fulani’s herdsmen were repelled and they had a written document to leave  and  to never  graze on their farms again.

The community is using this medium to call upon the necessary government agencies, powerful and high spirited individuals to avert this looming doom.

Below are the videos and pictures of one of the destroyed farms in the community.

Crops destroyed by cattle
Farm land destroyed by cattle by Fulani’s herdsmen

Farm land destroyed by cattle by Fulani's herdsmen

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