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Tinubu Dragging Nigerians To Their Graves With Poverty, Hunger, Insecurity – Sule Lamido

According to Sule Lamido, a former governor of Jigawa State, Nigerians will die under President Bola Tinubu’s watch.

Lamido clarified that Tinubu would ultimately drive the nation to disaster since he has declared his intention to carry on the legacy of his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari.

According to our investigations, the former governor spearheaded this during a Saturday interview with Naija Hall.

He claimed that hunger, poverty, and insecurity beset the Buhari administration, and if Tinubu carried on from there, Nigeria would end up in its grave.

What has he done since declaring he will carry on from where Buhari left off? Where do you start when you claim you want to pick up where Buhari left off?

From hunger, poverty, or insecurity? There is no distinction since Tinubu stated he will pick up where Buhari left off.

He is implying that Buhari will stick to his current course on all issues, including the economy, security, corruption, human rights, and so forth. Therefore, you should evaluate, not me.

“In the 2015 election, I warned you that Nigeria would lose if they won. Buhari lacked the political acumen, foresight, dedication, and credentials necessary to respond to or clarify the questions posed to him.

“Now, eight years later, Tinubu appeared and declared that he would carry on from where Buhari left off, meaning that our grave will be the next stop on the journey, which began with a trailer full of poverty, starvation, insecurity, and hatred.

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