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“I Would Rather Sit Down With The Devil Than Sit With Alex” – Pere Vows Never To Settle Beef

The ongoing dispute between these two ex-housemates traces back to their time in Biggie’s house, stemming from various issues, including conflicts over bed allocation. During their stay on the reality show, tensions escalated, leading to a heated argument where Pere, in a fit of anger, forcibly removed Alex from the bed she was occupying.

In a recent interview during which he was asked if he would ever sit one on one to settle his fight with Alex, Pere declined equivocally.

He stressed that nothing would make him sit with her, and even if Jesus comes down to intercede on her behalf, he won’t acquiesce.

Pere noted that he would rather sit down with the devil than sit down with Alex because he wants absolutely nothing to do with her and doesn’t want a ‘sit down’ with anyone.

The reality star emphasized that he would prefer everyone stay at their respective corners.

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