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My Stepson And Jasmine Are Planning to Relocate to Uk as A Couple – Mr Ibu

Recall that Jasmine chose to provide her side of the story in an effort to clear her reputation after Stella accused her of stealing money intended for the actor’s medical care and fabricating tales about it.

In response to this information, Daniel Okafor, Mr. Ibu’s second son, stepped forward to refute Stella Maris’s claims that he was in charge of the account from which donations supporting the actor’s operations were received.

Additionally, Stellamaris was accused by social media user VeryDarkman of trying to utilize money meant for Mr. Ibu’s medical bills for her personal gain.

According to what he had said, Ms. Ibu’s wife had asked for money from the actors’ medical reimbursements to get a new phone and have a BBL fulfilled.

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