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Portable and His New Signees Involves Yung Duu

Only a few hours after Yung Duu connected with his old boss, Blord, Portable demands that he deliver the paperwork he has on the car right now. 

You may remember that once Yung Duu left Zeh Nation Records, his manager seized his car and other perks.

He is allegedly going to receive a multi-million naira package, which includes a new car of his own, from the chairman of Blord Group.

In a video circulating on social media, Portable and his signees were seen pleading with the former signee to give back the car’s paperwork to him.

They bemoaned not being able to get past their fear of being hounded by the authorities and how they wanted to use the car for personal use.

Since then, the video has sparked a ton of responses from online users who made fun of Portable for being envious of Yung Duu’s advancement.

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