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THIS IS SERIOUS!! Mohbad’s Father Insist His Son’s Wife Doesn’t Give Him Peace While He Was

In a video shared on social media, the clergyman lamented that his son had endured prolonged pain, both at home and outside, without confiding in anyone before his passing.

Aloba disclosed that Mohbad was unable to find peace at home because his wife had been stealing money from his bank account using his mobile phone, creating an atmosphere of financial instability.

He said that despite Mohbad’s love for him, the late singer was not allowed to make any significant contributions to support him or the family, stressing that his son was unable even to purchase a single building block before his untimely death.

Joseph Aloba said his son faced numerous challenges, both within their household and outside, largely attributed to the distress caused by his daughter-in-law.

The cleric, who spoke in Yoruba language, maintained that the factors contributing to Mohbad’s demise were a combination of internal and external pressures.

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