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Temmie Ovwasa,”Why I Will Never Sleep With A Man”

“Why I Will Never Sleep With A Man” 

The YBNL princess declared that she would never share a bed with a male. She has never wavered from her choice of sexual partner.

In a well-liked video, she candidly expressed her opinions, piqueing the curiosity and gaining support from her fans and the wider public. Temmie, who will turn 27 in November, claims never to have experienced a pregnancy scare.

The singer talked about how being lesbian has protected her from knowing when her period is due. She did this with such confidence. She said that she has held her position in spite of multiple approaches from guys.

Temmie Ovwasa has faced numerous challenges inside the Nigerian music sector. When she revealed her experiences with Olamide’s musical company, YBNL, last month, she made headlines. She also received a lot of media attention

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