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Young Duu And Portable, Made Me Become A Car Washer,

Portable Made Me Become A Car Washer, Physically Assaulted Me” 

He added that Portable had often violently mistreated him when he was signed to his record label.

Young Duu’s charge follows claims made by Portable, his former employer, that he betrayed him after assisting him in becoming well-known.

Young Duu had been warned by Portable not to cut the ladder he used to achieve his goal because he might need it later.

Young Duu responded to the allegations made by his former employer by stressing that he left Zeh Nation in search of success and that he didn’t cut any “ladder.”

No ladder was broken by me. To those who are acquainted with me, I did not damage any ladders. There, the ladder is still sturdy. According to the ladder’s owner,

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