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Abuja Businesswoman Gives Birth To Sextuplets After 13 Years Of Childlessness

Ms Ifeanyi, a native of Ebonyi in Ohaozara LGA, said on Wednesday in Abuja that she had the babies, four girls and two boys, after undergoing In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

The first-time mother who gave birth to the babies at 30 weeks through Caesarean Section said she was expecting quintuplets, only to find out during delivery that there were six babies.

She was married on April 3, 2010.

“However, since then, it has not been easy. We expected children, but they were not forthcoming; we went to many places and spent money but no results so we just accepted to wait for God’s time.

“God in His infinite mercy visited us, and here we are today. God has changed the story,” Ms Ifeanyi said.

The new mother said that within the 13 years she spent expecting a child, she and her husband, a pastor with Living Faith Church, Chikara in Kogi, spent a lot of money that yielded no result.

“When you spend money on something and it is not forthcoming, it is very frustrating. My husband and I spent money on medications, kept asking people for suggestions, and went to many places without success.

“It was as if it would never happen, but God turned it around,” she stated.

She said this was the first time she tried IVF, and that she started the procedure at Fertile Ground Hospital, Jos, and continued at the National Hospital, Abuja, when she was four months into the pregnancy, and was there till delivery.

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