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Man Who Attempt 5-Day Marathon Trekking From Lagos To Port Harcourt Lands In Hospital

A viral photo captured the young man lying on a hospital bed receiving treatment for apparent burns. Wene, who embarked on the epic five-day marathon from Lagos to Port Harcourt in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record, seems to have had a tough time.

According to the report, which he shared on his Facebook page and confirmed with the caption “The pain is unimaginable”. He is currently hospitalized and receiving the necessary treatment.

“Do I give time, distance to everyone? hour. scar? hour. mistrust? There is still time. Until then, Wene stays home!”

The Port Harcourt boy, who intented to motivate Nigerians, started his 5-day marathon on Sunday, October 15.

A training flyer showed that the trip began on Tuesday, October 17 and is expected to end on October 21.

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