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Official: Reasons CBN Relocated Departments To Lagos Reasons CBN Relocated Departments To Lagos Office

Some of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) departments may soon relocate to Lagos State, the nation’s economic center and first capital territory.

An apex bank official stated that the action is intended to clear the backlog at the Federal Capital Territory headquarters of the top bank.

The source stated that the move was made for “staff safety and increased productivity,” despite the fact that several bank employees have allegedly opposed the move and said it was driven by tribal sentiment.

This is to inform all CBN Head Office employees that we have started a decongestion action plan aimed at improving the Bank’s working environment.

The goal of this program is to guarantee that building safety regulations are followed.

Numerous factors make this action necessary, including the necessity of matching the Bank’s organizational structure to its goals and functions, redistributing talent geographically to ensure a more equitable distribution, adhering to building codes as evidenced by the Facility Manager’s repeated warnings, and the conclusions and suggestions of the Committee on Decongestion of the CBN Head Office.

The action plan is centered on making the best use of the facilities owned by other banks. According to this proposal, 1,533 employees will be transferred to understaffed branches and other CBN locations in Lagos and Abuja.At 4,233, we are much above the 2,700 maximum occupancy that was intended for the Head Office building. There are numerous serious issues raised by this congestion.

The insider continued, “The CBN is stating that in place of 200

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