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Zulum Approves Recruitment Of 4,000 Teachers

Governor of Borno State, Babagana Umara Zulum, has given final approval for immediate recruitment of 4,000 new teachers already evaluated and shortlisted for deployment to public primary and secondary schools across the state.

Zulum announced the approval on Wednesday in Maiduguri.

Of the 4,000 new teachers, a total of 3,000 of them are to be deployed to government primary schools across the state while 1,000 teachers are to be sent to government secondary schools also across the state.

The 3,000 primary school teachers are mostly NCE holders who make up 77. 4%, Degree Holders- 22.2% and HND holders- 0.6 percent. The 1,000 secondary teachers include 5 masters degree holders, 658 bachelors degree holders (constituting 66% of all), 8 HND holders mostly graduates of technology, 130 NCE holders (constituting 13% mostly for subjects like French, English literature, Hausa, Technology, civic education etc which graduate-applicants couldn’t be found to teach).

There are also 11 diploma holders of science, laboratory technology employed as lab attendants while there are 23 matrons and 68 cooks to serve students. All the 4,000 shortlisted teachers were meticulously selected after they proved competent to teach in primary and secondary schools.

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