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See what happened when a woman was fatally stabbed by her granddaughter and daughter.

In a horrific attack on Thursday, October 26, a grandmother was beaten by her daughter and granddaughter and then stabbed in the head, chest, and face with a butcher knife. 

According to police reports, Jessica Bino, 32, and Angela Bino, 59, brutally attacked Suzette Occhibone on Thursday night after getting into a furious fight inside her Sioux City apartment.

Court records acquired by the Sioux City Journal state that Jessica Bino was having an argument with Occhibone in the living room when Angela Bino entered and also addressed the victim.

According to court documents, the debate between the two accused killers escalated into a physical altercation when they started hitting the old woman with their fists.

According to what Angela Bino allegedly told the police, she then took a glass candlestick and struck the victim six times in the face as well as in the arms and face with a hammer.

Jessica Bino, meantime, is said to have taken a butcher knife out of the kitchen

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