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After Guinea Won The AFCON, Six Fans Perished.

While celebrating their nation’s first win at the present Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast, six Guinean fans lost their lives.

The incident happened during a festive gathering in the streets of Conakry, Guinea’s city, the Guinean Football Federation, or Feguifoot, informed the BBC on Monday.

Motorcyclists and drivers of cars celebrated.

In their second group match of the trip to Ivory Coast, Guinea defeated The Gambia 1-0 on Friday night, setting off jubilant celebrations across the West African nation.

The public’s and our fans’ well-timed celebration is what matters, Feguifoot media manager Amadou Makadji told BBC Sport Africa.

“They must exercise extreme caution so as not to endanger themselves, as football’s purpose is to spread happiness rather than cause sorrow for families.” We encourage everyone to celebrate but to take care of themselves so that nothing bad happens to them since we do not want deaths to cause grief.

Makadji said, “People in Guinea are incredibly passionate about football and they experience it like no other place in the world.”

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