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Man Chops Off His Friend’s Ear In Lagos

The Lagos State Police command has verified that a certain Bashiru Ahmed has been arrested for reportedly chopping off a friend’s ear.

The incident happened on Monday inside an abattoir in the Agege neighborhood of Lagos, according to SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Command, who verified the arrest on Wednesday.

He claimed that Abdulahi Adulmalik’s ear was severed by the suspect due to a disagreement they had in 2023.

“On Monday, the case was reported to the Abattoir Police Division by one Abdullahi Adulmalik of the Abattoir Market.

The complainant said that at roughly 4:00 in the morning on the same day, Bashiru Ahmed, a resident of Abattoir Market, chopped off his right ear with a knife because to a disagreement they had in 2023.

“The victim was taken to the hospital immediately.”

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