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Some Security Agencies Now Compromised, Serve As Criminals’ Agents — Gov. Mutfwang

Plateaued State Governor Caleb Mutfwang has expressed concern about criminals infiltrating security forces.

He claims that certain security guards are working as go-betweens for crooks.

Noting incidents in which residents were denied access to common instruments like machetes by security personnel, Mutfwang demanded a thorough examination of the hiring procedure as well as a system to pick out “bad eggs” from the security services.

During a Wednesday conversation with Trust TV, he stated:

“We have to be able to maintain harmony. We cannot simply let anyone to own firearms without any restrictions or responsibility. We are aware of who is holding what and where, so there must be a registration procedure.

However, we have seen a great deal of overzealousness on the part of some ground-based security services

They also respond, “No, this is not right,” when speaking with their commanders. We have abuses that we have denounced to the authorities; instead of arresting people, you ought to be able to encourage those who stand up to defend their neighborhoods.

“Let me also add that we as a country need to face the truth that the security agencies have been compromised. There are a number of people working for security agencies who shouldn’t be there because they are agents of these criminals and occasionally they even pose a threat to their coworkers. As a result, there are often ambushes during security agency operations.

Consequently, the president needs to issue a strong order to the security services

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