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BREAKING: Tribunal Court strikes out Obi’s 10 out 13 witnesses evidence

Presidential Electoral Petition Court delivers Judgement

The presidential election tribunal court sitting in Abuja toady has dismisses 10 evidences out of the 13 evidences provided by witnesses of the Labour Party and Peter Obi in pursuance to their claimed presidential poll victory.

The court noted that the witnesses, who were subpoenaed at the instance of the petitioners, had their written statements, which contained their evidence, were not filed along or front loaded with the petition within the 21 days allowed by the Electoral Act 2022.

The court, in the lead judgment currently being read by Justice Haruna Tsammani, also rejected the documents, including the report of analysis, tendered by the petitioners through the affected 10 witnesses.

The court also held that some of the witnesses are not only persons with interest in the outcome of the case, the reports they tendered were made during the pendency of the case.

Watch Live Proceedings below 

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